Who Is RPM?

RPM was established in 1974 as a plastic mold making and injection molding facility. Many of the first high tolerance, precision molded parts built by RPM were for the commercial and medical industries, where accuracy is critical. It wasn’t until the mid 1980’s that RPM began designing parts for the R/C industry. These parts were of the same quality and precision that exist in the injection-molded parts we build to this day.

Since RPM’s inception, we have expanded our mold making capacity by purchasing some of the best machine tools available. In addition, RPM has a complete injection molding facility in-house. Every single molded product made by RPM is conceived, designed, built and manufactured in our facility, right here in Chino, California USA! Very few manufacturers have the capabilities that RPM has for full in-house production. This ability to design, manufacture and produce our own products gives us the best possible quality control over our parts. Excellent quality control, in turn, gives our customers the best possible parts!

Goals of RPM

RPM entered into the R/C industry with the concept of improving the quality, performance and durability of R/C vehicles. We continually accomplish this objective by using our 60+ years of mold making and injection molding experience, combined with our trademark blend of engineering grade, bulletproof plastics to create the most durable, longest lasting and best performing parts available!

Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding parts and tools that will not only improve performance and look great, but will eliminate the unnecessary headaches that come with broken parts. We are so sure our parts are extremely tough, we guarantee all RPM molded parts will not break! In addition, we strive to keep our prices at a highly competitive level. Ask any RPM customer about their satisfaction level with our products and you will hear many positive remarks. Any and all customer concerns are addressed immediately by the company president and our design team and a solution is found as soon as possible. We welcome any and all new product ideas and suggestions. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority because we want your confidence in our products today as well as for many years to come!

Distribution Availability

RPM is affiliated with all of the major distributors in the U.S., as well as many international distributors throughout the world including Australia, England, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea and Canada to name a few. Because of our expansive distribution network, acquiring RPM products is quite simple. We highly recommend purchasing RPM products through your favorite local hobby shop for the best local help and on the spot availability of RPM products. If you do not have a local hobby shop close to you, please consider using the links found throughout our website to connect to Shopatron. Shopatron is an excellent way for RPM to connect our customers to our local retailers to get the RPM parts you want directly to you. Either way, RPM stocks all of our products in-house and we rarely back-order product to our distributors. Every part and tool listed on our web site and in our catalog is currently available and in stock (unless otherwise noted)!