Moore’s Ideal Products, LLC (MIP) has earned legendary status in the RC car community for consistently introducing innovative products with superior engineering over the 40 plus years that company founder and CEO,  Eustace Moore, has operated the state of the art manufacturing facility in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The MIP team is invested in being a company that sets a high standard for every product they deliver, and that passion for being the best has resulted in achieving many awards and milestones as MIP’s products continue to dominate the market for competitive as well as sport enthusiasts.  

The manufacturing equipment and techniques have grown and evolved to give MIP the capability to expand and grow far into the future.  MIP leadership is dedicated to maintaining optimal levels of productivity while never sacrificing product quality.  Our commitment to source all materials and make every product in the USA is unwavering, and this same commitment  drives the engineering and production teams to collaborate together strategically with marketing, sales and promotions to ensure that products continue to be released that delight and meet the rigorous demands of our global customer base.  

Our standard of being Smart, Fast and Accurate empowers every member of the MIP team to see their role in putting the highest quality “itty bitty parts” and tools into our customers hands. Customers have always been our Number One priority and we promise to keep dreaming up and delivering badass products.  Watch us GROW!