Bittydesign is essentially the story of two great passions that come together to create one. Officially founded in 2006 by Stefano Rabitti, but born many years before when he was a child, the innate artistic talent improved later year after year with studies in art schools and universities of Design, leading Stephen to search for an application of his talent in the world of RC, a hobby transmitted from father Enrico.

Stefano finds the natural symbiosis of these two elements in the paint and customization of bodies of the rc models. Completely self-taught, in a few years, despite the lack of social networks and other popular media strument in order to become famous thanks to some ‘Likes’, his bodyshells are already known throughout the world, the national reference regarding new ideas, new designs and new techniques. He realizes the bodies with which Lamberto Collari win two world titles and through other international success his fame goes global, not as a person but as Bittydesign brand.

In 2008 Stefano convinces his brother Davide, a graduate in accounting, to join his mission, namely, to bring the Italian style and the Bittydesign brand to an higher level and implement the production with new products.

Thanks to Davide and his strong marketing vision, dozens of new projects borns, in short time Bittydesign consolidate its brand and also thanks to events such as Euro and Asia Contest the young Italian company take more credibility and international respect.